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Books created to facilitate life.....  including leading a creative organization, capturing family moments, and finding the life we want to live.

The Work of Art: Steps in Creating Art, Exploring Design Thinking and Insights for Innovative Organizations Metal Sculpting Workbook: A Course Designed to Explore the Art of Metal and Develop the Business of Art Rumi's Field: Playground for the Soul Leap of Faith: Coloring Book for Grownups Leonardo Raw - Project Delphi Henderson Art Project Workbook Art Appreciation 1301 Workbook Family Book of Love
Artists practice the art of being creative every day. Most have spent a lifetime perfecting this unique approach to life. Insights are found in the artist’s process, their actions, their perspective, and approach to problems. The process is easily documentable and each step reproducible. This book follows the creation of a work of art. It captures the insights of the artist’s process by describing each step and pulling practical steps across the gap to the ideals of an innovative organization. This book illustrates what must happen for an organization to build a creative culture and produce innovative products and services. A workbook created for a class designed to serve a creative person looking for a new medium of expression, to the accomplished artist who can benefit from the DCCCD extensive work shop, and all who are interested in creating a creative consortium to explore the art of metal sculpting; as well as, the business of art. If you've ever asked the question, "what should I do with the rest of my life?" then this workbook is for you. It is designed to work in a therapy setting for twenty-four sessions (Gap sessions) over the span of one year. This is a parable of an average man, living a common life, and his struggle to pursue an uncommon path in pursuit of his passion. This is a workbook created to facilitate a dialog among the Leonardo community and inspire ideas as we explore what's next.   Art appreciation 1301 workbook for Collin College. This book contains lectures, exercises and tests for the course. Book of love created to capture and share the moments of life in our family. It is designed to inspire and promote creativity.
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